74 Ranch Dam Rehab

Hoover Dam and Reservoir

Photo by Richard Stenzel

Cripple Creek Reservoirs 2 & 3

Photo by Richard Stenzel

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About Us

Applegate Group, Inc., has a professional staff of engineers, geologist, and hydrologists who work with clients like you to not only understand your individual projects, but your business as a whole. Our expertise lies in water planning, water rights engineering, water policy, and development of water infrastructure to ensure access to a continuous supply of clean, uncontaminated water for drinking, living, and recreational uses. We engineer water resource solutions and oversee the construction and maintenance of the systems as well.

2019 Calendar

The 2019 Colorado’s Historic Water Projects Calendar, featuring the work of photographer Richard Stenzel, is the 15th in a series of historic project calendars that Applegate Group has distributed since 2005. Applegate Group believes that water is Colorado’s most valuable resource, and it is important that we know the history of Colorado’s water project developments. Photography from previous calendars are featured on this website.