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Colorado’s Historic Water Projects 2022 Calendar

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This calendar, featuring the work of photographer Richard Stenzel, is the 18th in a series of historic project calendars that Applegate Group has distributed since 2005. Applegate Group believes that water is Colorado’s most valuable resource, and it is important that we know the history of Colorado’s water project developments. The importance of obtaining a water right in Colorado for beneficial purposes has been recognized since the late 1800s. Applegate Group is pleased to share the 2021 Colorado’s Historic Water Projects Calendar with you.

If you enjoyed this calendar, Applegate Group encourages you to contact the Colorado State University Water Resources Archive if you have a collection of water related documents or photographs that you believe should be preserved for historical purposes and research. They can be contacted at:

Water Resources Archive
Colorado State University, Morgan Library
501 University Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80523

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