Wrights Reservoir and Pisgah Dam

Photo by Richard Stenzel

Wildfire Mitigation

Applegate Group provides engineering design, permitting, and grant-writing assistance for fire restoration projects. We utilize our combined experience with geomorphology, sediment transport modeling, dam design, and erosion control to mitigate sediment and debris flow following wildfires.  Services provided include:

  • Erosion risk management
  • Sediment runoff quantification and sediment transport analysis
  • Design, cost estimation, and permitting of sediment mitigation
  • Grant writing for fire mitigation

Sediment mitigation structures included Log Erosion Barriers (LEBs), Sediment Basins, Contour Wattles, Erosion Control Mats, and Vegetation Seeding.

Applegate Group can also provide initial guidance on design considerations and cost estimates for larger Sediment Basin design applicable to wildfire areas with a high potential for sediment runoff and potential damage to water supply intakes and reservoirs. We can prepare detailed final design plans and specifications for sediment mitigation projects. Applegate Group is familiar with funding opportunities available for government and private entities wanting to implement post-fire sediment mitigation measures, and we help entities identify and apply for funding sources that are most applicable to their situation.