Water Infrastructure

Applegate Group Inc., helps clients build more resilient water infrastructure, while minimizing costs and environmental risks. We have completed or assisted in the development of several types of water master planning services for municipal and private clients.

Some examples are an Emergency Drinking Water Master Plan, a Raw Water Master Plan, and a Non-potable Master Plan for the City of Greeley. We also developed raw water master plans for the City of Fort Lupton, the City of Brush, and the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District. We completed alternative water supply analysis for both the Colorado Springs Utilities and the City of Fountain.

Dams & Reservoirs

We provide the necessary services for the evaluation of new water storage projects that require dams. These services range from determining their feasibility at a conceptual level to completing permitting, final design, bid documents, and construction administration. We also offer continuing services including annual inspections, review and update of emergency preparedness plans, and dam safety monitoring.

Gravel Pit Reservoirs

We have substantial experience with converting existing gravel pits into lined raw water storage reservoirs. This includes design of clay liners, slurry walls, inlet and outlet pipes, pump stations, interconnects, and side channel spillways. We are also experienced in technical revisions, amendments and permitting through the Division of Minerals and Geology for gravel mining and modifications such as conversion of sites from ground water storage to lined reservoir storage. We have also performed site planning, permitting, and engineering design for mining operations and reclamation activities, including permitting services at Federal, State, and local levels.

Canals, Pipelines, & Diversion Structures

We provide engineering services related to the study, modeling and design of new water conveyance facilities, both open channel and closed conduit. We design rehabilitation measures for poorly performing conveyance facilities and assist our clients with modernization of aging infrastructure. Our projects have included a wide range of infrastructure including pump stations, pressurized pipe networks, headgate diversions, inverted siphons, automated structures, trashracks, canal lining and piping, and design of seepage control measures such as synthetic liners and pipe.