Neegronda Reservoir

Photo by Richard Stenzel

About Us

Applegate Group, Inc., is a professional engineering firm that assists private, public, and municipal entities in the development of water resource solutions from initial concept to project completion. Our focus is on the technical, economic, and ethical aspects of a project to meet your ever-changing needs.

The work effort at our firm is based on building and maintaining relationships that often go beyond the engineering, design, and construction stages of a project. We want to know your overall business goals, so we can determine how to serve you best. We will be your trusted advisor and partner in finding solutions to your water issues that are ethical, dependable, and cost-effective.

We develop strong personal relationships with our clients, enabling us to have open discussions about key issues and offer insightful solutions that may not have been previously considered. We look at the big picture and identify potential outcomes or results that may affect your plans or operations. We can move away from focusing on the short-term to more long-term planning and evaluations.

More than 80% of our workload is thanks to return business from our satisfied clients.

Our Mission

We help our clients and employees be successful in establishing and achieving their goals.

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as the best water resources firm in the Western United States
  • Committed to solutions that preserve and protect our Western water heritage
  • Dedicated to sustainable growth of our company

Core Values

  • Relationship Based Business¬† with our Clients
  • Mutual Respect and Trust
  • Continuous Improvement of our Company, our People, our Clients
  • Seeking Opportunity in a Changing World
  • Business Based on Ethical Practice

Who We Are

Applegate Group, Inc., has a professional staff of engineers, geologists, and hydrologists who work with clients like you to not only understand your individual projects, but your business as a whole. We engineer water resource solutions and oversee the construction and maintenance of the systems as well.

What We Do

Applegate Group, Inc., has been providing water resources consultation to Colorado and the Western United States for more than 33 years. We can help you with water supply and infrastructure, mine permitting, hydropower projects, and litigation support.